Posted on July 9, 2012


I still do not have field experience. As such, I’m simply eating excerpt’s like these up!

Fieldnotes & Footnotes


Fieldnote Book, December 2008.


After four days in Nhulunbuy [the closest township] I drove back into camp yesterday. There were two rivers that I was already really hesitant to cross – water skimming up over my bonnet (and I could hear Mum and Dad on each of shoulder, insisting that I daren’t try). It was fine though, of course. I imagine it will only be another few days, though, before we’re rained in for the rest of the wet.


There haven’t been staples in camp for some weeks now – so yapa redistributed the shopping that I drove back in. Each hearth now has a pocket-full of rolling tobacco and a small box of tinned food each (to supplement whatever we hunt or gather in this season of scarcity). Each fire also has a Big-Red Flour Tin and one Small Blue-Tin of refined sugar. Pillars of staples!…

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